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Registry Reviver Review

What is Registry Reviver?

ReviverSoft strives on providing quality trusted products and Registry Reviver is no exception. They’ve been in business for years and with constant updates have been buffing their product to perfection. Offering a 30 day money back guarantee, they are 100% sure you’ll love their product. Not only that, but before buying they even offer a free trial as an extra layer of trust.

Registry Cleaning

Almost all windows and application settings are stored on your registry and over time these things can clog it up. When you remove or just plain stop using a program its data still remains in the registry sometimes making it harder for windows to reach the proper data. This causes your computer to move slower and sometimes may even cause registry related crashes.

Registry Reviver can remove this unwanted or unused data without harming your registry. The program scans your registry to find any errors and repairs them safely. Not only does it repair errors it also re-organizes your registry to improve its effectiveness.

Easy Useability

With Registry Reviver there is no need to manually maintain your registry, simply run the program and you’re done. It’s especially easy for newer users, taking only a single click to restore your registry to tip top shape. Many times however a program that you haven’t used in a while will have its data removed as the program deems it as inactive. Luckily Registry Reviver stores all removed files in backups just in case something important is accidentally removed.

Registry Reviver offers different levels of useability for everyone. You have the option to simply scan and allow the program to do all the work. The program also offers tons of features for more experienced users. If you’re newer to the program but still wish to benefit from these features they provide a full user’s manual that describes all program features in depth. Lastly if you’re not happy with the product Registry Reviver offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied simply contact their customer support and you’ll receive a full refund.

Startup Optimization

Registry Reviver has the ability to speed up and customize your computers startup. In the advanced option you have the option to run the program during startup as well allowing for an easy scan once a day. There are many different settings you can change within your system to allow a faster startup, Registry reviver goes through and changes these settings for you while giving you the ability to optimize the startup even further. Sometimes running multiple programs can cause your computer to startup slower, through Registry Reviver you can see which programs are causing the biggest delay to your startup and stop then from running until you need them to.

Final Thoughts

ReviverSoft has created an outstanding product with Registry Reviver. The program worked great, speeding up our test PC and cleaning unwanted data from the registry. We even ran Windows own registry cleaner first and Registry Reviver still managed to find more errors within the registry. We decided to try out their advanced features and they were all far easier to use than we expected. Even through multiple scans we were always able to revert our computer back to how it was before we installed the program just in case anything important was removed. Overall we were very pleased with Registry Reviver and are very happy to have it featured here on Best Registry Cleaners.

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