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Registry Mechanic Review

What is Registry Mechanic?

Registry Mechanic is developed by one of the most trusted developers out there, Symantec. The same people who brought you Norton Antivirus are making sure your computer is running as good as new. With excellent customer service and an easy to use design it should definitely be considered when selecting a registry cleaner.

Registry Repair

Everything your computer does is stored within the Windows registry, sometimes certain programs can cause errors within the registry causing your computer to run slower. Registry Mechanic makes cleaning your registry easier than ever with the simple click of a button. For 14 years they have been perfecting their product to provide you with a clean registry.

As we install more and more programs on our computers sometimes we stop using some and they clutter up our hard drives. Registry Mechanics uninstaller helps detect and remove these unused programs creating space on your computer and overall making it faster. It can even detect currently running programs that take up valuable resources and allows you to close all these programs right form one helpful window.

Registry Mechanic will even optimize windows settings to make your computer move faster. Choose which programs will open when your computer starts up, optimizing boot speed. Lastly your registry will be re-organized, allowing windows to get to files faster.After testing Registry Mechanic we were very impressed with its performance. It managed to find a significant number more errors than windows registry cleaner and even deleted some of the malware hidden within the registry. When compared to other registry cleaners they managed to make our computers boot up to 5 seconds faster than much of the competition.


When browsing the internet a lot of the data you input is recorded to your computer through your browser. This includes things such as passwords, online banking information, and even your credit card number. Registry Mechanic completely cleanses all personal information from your system so that no one can steal it.

Excellent Service

PC Tools Registry Mechanic brings some of the highest quality customer service in the industry. With customer service representatives being available year round and providing a toll free number you should have no trouble at all getting help with the product. They will even help you set up features such as the identity protection and privacy settings. With the many settings and tools available it may seem like only experienced computer users would be fit for the program. The good thing about Registry Mechanic is that everything is laid out in an incredibly easy to use interface so even someone completely new to computers can use it with ease. Lastly, when purchasing Registry Mechanic you don’t simply get one copy. With each purchase you receive 3 licenses allowing you to speed up all computers in your house for only $29.99

Final Thoughts

Registry Mechanic is one of the most popular registry cleaners there is and for good reason. Many experts have stood behind PC Tools Registry Mechanic as one of the best registry cleaning programs available. PC Tools is always trying to stay 1 step ahead of the competition and Registry Mechanic is no exception. Registry Mechanic is compatible with all versions of windows including the newest, Windows 8. They have one of the most friendly user interfaces and clean your registry without a problem. In conclusion we loved Registry Mechanic and recommend it to anyone looking for easy usability.

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